Check Payments

How to check payments in the AndroNautic system.

Send Quick Proposals

Send proposals to your clients and agencys quickly.

Distribute your product with your Collaborators

Distribute your fleet through Brokers and OTAs through AndroNautic. They can be AndroNautic Users or connected via API.

How to collaborate with other AndroNautic fleets

Request access to collaborate with other AndroNautic Users and charter their boats. Choose which boats will appear on your own website.

Email Tracking

AndroNautic has an email track for requests and bookings, this video will show you how to use that tracking.

Own Fleet Discount

Automatic own fleet discount applies as long as a series of parameters that we dictate like specific boats, dates, booking duration and early booking...

Customer Area

Customer Area. Manage the passenger list, arrival time, sailing license, charter contract, passport and shopping list.

Booking List

Make the most of your booking list with our powerfull searcher. Filter by status, client, locator, dates, agent, payment and task pending.

Booking Details

Booking details like: Agency name, client name, customer area voucher check-in, check-out, discounts, commissions, profit, pending payments and...

Prebooked to Booked

Change booking status from Prebooked to Booked. Sent a Booked template email to inform to your client.

Option to Prebooked

Change booking status from Option to Prebooked. Send a Prebooked template email to inform to your client.

Create Option from a Proposal

Create an Option from a Proposal, set up advanced payment and option expiration date.

Inbox Mail Request

Email inbox management separated by request, booking, agent and booking reference number (locator).

Sending Proposals

Quickly send to your client personal offers and proposals with the boat searcher

Edit an Open Request

Success or failure depends on a proper follow up, that’s why you need our open request module. Note all your customer needs and requirements...

Boat Planner

Manage your fleet thanks to our planner. Make bookings and create marks. Change boat status.

Boat Extras

Add extras to your boats. Cost free, prices list, mandatory, per person.

Ports and Boats

Add ports for your boats. Multiple choices. Combine ports and seasons as you wish.

Season and Prices

In this video you'll learn how to create a season and a prices for a boat in AndroNautic.

How to upload a boat

Fill in a complete information boat`s profile: descriptions text, features, equipment, photos, pdf profiles, locations

How to create providers

Create your own providers database thanks to CRM Providers module: provider company details, accounting, commissions and contact.

How to create a client

Create your own AndroNautic client database thanks to CRM Client module: client details and documentation

Profile configuration

This video will show you how to configure your AndroNautic system.

How to create agencies

Create your own agency database thanks to AndroNautic CRM Agencies module: agency company details, accounting, commissions, contact and agency groups...