Manage your fleets


Enter: technical data, descriptions, equipment, photos, videos, location etc.

Discount configurator

Boats, periods, number of days, boarding dates, etc


Agile tool to manage the occupation.


Enter: seasons, pricing models, extras, discounts etc.

Online sales

Boats, periods, number of days, boarding dates etc.

Add collaborators

Increase your portfolio of boats with the fleets of other companies that use our same platform.

Channel ManagerIncrease your distribution .

Updating the different systems is no longer a problem. AndroNautic has developed a technology that allows to keep updated the different platforms with which you want to work automatically.

Now you do not have to choose which system you want to work with to distribute your fleet. With AndroNautic you can choose with which systems you want to work to distribute your fleet in a simple, effortless way and always using a single system to manage all your reservations.

Take greater control of your distribution networks, eliminating the errors that are commented when manually updating the different systems with which you want to work.

Automate the update of the availability of your fleet with the computer systems of the main Online Agencies and distribution systems.

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