A professional management software specially designed to meet the needs of the nautical charter

Automate processes

Each of the steps taken from the arrival of a request to the enjoyment of the client is modeled according to an optimal system of work.

Process automation and management assistance

For each of the steps, whether in requests or reservations, the platform has a tool that helps the user to follow the tasks and facilitate the agility in the management.

Integrated email and communications management

An efficient email system is an indispensable tool. AndroNautic will help you maintain a perfect organization of all your emails related to the management of requests and reservations.

Accelerate your distribution with our technological connections

Operate in a simple and organised way with all the systems that we offer, be it a channel manager for the fleets or integrations for the agencies. AndroNautic helps you keep the information of all of them updated in real time.

Work smoothly, with well defined procedures

Key features of the management module

Fleet management

Rate management

Submission of proposals and offers

Management of requests

Customer´s area

Availability Planner

CRM – Clients

CRM – Agencies

CRM – Suppliers

Internal inbox

Task list

Warning alarms


Key features of the administration module




Collections and payments

Cost and profitability


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We want to show you how to improve and grow your business on a process, control and follow-up basis, as well as how to boost your distribution.