What we do?

Comprehensive management software

A management platform at the service of the tourism industry. Find out amazing new features.

It manages and distributes excursions, tickets, activities, transfers and endless products and services.

Own product and third-party product

Manage your own product, that of other suppliers, and do it either manually loading it or via XML.

Consolidate all the product in the platform and distribute it to the big activities banks or TourOperators.

Distribute and market your product

You can offer access to your product through the B2B platform to the travel agencies.

Alternatively, you can also use our B2C solutions for the final customer.

Customised or template website design

Manage with our platform, connect it with your website and start to distribute.

Contact us either if you have already a website or if you want a new one. We have add-on solutions for both cases.

What is AndroTours ?, Why is it the latest distribution platform?

AndroTours is an independent and configurable distribution platform, that will help you to distribute and market your product. It has been designed to cate individuals, groups, events etc., and all these can be done with your own rules and conditions.

The platform covers a large number of aspects of the excursions and activities business, and it is continuously expanded, with improvements and monthly corrections.

Whether you are a third-party product distribution agency or you distribute your own product, the platform adapts to your management and distribution needs.

AndroTours allows you to balance the origin of the bookings, whether they come from direct customer, agency or from the large buyers of the market (OTAs).

The differential factors of the tool is the choice of product and conditions to offer each customer: you choose the how, when and to whom to distribute each product.

What will the use of AndroTours change in your company?

You will realise that with AndroTours you can grow your business based on processes, control and a more homogenous tracking, which will, in the end, improve your distribution.

  • You can expand your sales network, both online and offline
  • You will have an optimal management of your inventory and your price
  • You will have control over the distribution channels of your products
  • You can have product distribution via XML
  • You can purchase product via XML
  • You can expand your sales network, both online and traditional
  • You will speed up the work of your staff and multiply their capacity
  • You will improve your image for clients, agencies and suppliers
  • You will implement efficient and homogenous work processes
  • You will have greater control of the performance of your company
  • You will improve the attention and communication to your customers.

And finally, we can help you complete your distribution and increase your sales thanks to our tools for the B2B channel (travel agencies), B2C (end customer) and OTAs (large buyers)

I run my own activities

Find out how we can help you if you want to manage your activities or any other related product

I need distribution tools

We can create your B2B or B2C channel and as many white labels, should you want customize your distribution network

A white label can be used if you want to offer your customers a personalized website to distribute a selection of all your products.

More for providers

I run an agency

Find out how we can help you manage third-party products:

- With products that are already loaded in the platform: with quota, on request, online, per session, per service, per person, discounts etc.

- With products that integrate via XML: Taylor the product with your own texts, make it yours or copy and paste the text by default

Decide the commercial markups and sales conditions for your channels

I want to become a big activities consolidator

and have almost unlimited product access, that I can configure according to my needs to, finally, become the biggest activities broker

More for agencies

Website development

AndroTours provides you with a brandnew website so you can easily distribute your entire product portfolio.

If you already have a website and do not want to change it, we offer you a few modules that easily integrate into your website.

Do you want to know which website you need?

I already have a website and I do not want to change it. Add the modules you need and link them to your current website:

  • Online reservations | Boat search engine | Customer area | Boats list

I want a professional template website, exclusive for the charter business:

  • Based on a template and already tested with multiple users
  • Minimizes start-up in time and cost
  • Professional design adapted to your identity and image.
  • Flawless on any mobile device
  • CMS features: advanced generation of Landing, SEO, Blog, online reservation and on request, and more

I want a professional website with custom design:

  • Create your own dream website
  • Start your project from scratch, define the goals you want to achieve
  • A template may not be enough for your company, so a custom web design allows creative exposure of your brand

website development

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