Manage your products


Technical data, descriptions, equipment, photos, videos, location etc.

Product configurator

Discounts, modalities, seasons, quotas, release, free sale, sale by service, advance sale, offers, closing and sales, children etc.


Agile tool to manage your products availability


Seasons, pricing models, extras, discounts etc.

Online sales configurator

B2B channel, b2C, White label, product by customer type etc.

I want distribution tools.

You have several tools to choose from:

- B2B: is the best way to distribute your product fortravel agencies, tours outlets, hotel receptions and related collaborators. The B2B will outline a different product for each of them, together with their sales conditions and payment procedures

- B2C: it is the direct sale to the final customer, forget the intermediation. You decide the campaigns, the objectives, the prices and to which markets you wish to sell

- White Label: customise the most demanded product. Create actions and campaigns tailored to your buyers.

- XML: the best way to communicate with large buyers (OTAs) via connectivity

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